Purchase Card

Fully integrated with fixed assets, accounts payable and purchase orders, the purchase card application provides a means of making purchases without the need for handling individual invoices.  Using the transaction data from the financial institution, each credit card transaction is directly imported into the Purchase Card application without the need to manually enter each transaction.  With integration to accounts payable, the related expenses are updated without the need to enter each invoice.  The ability to scan or upload receipts along with a flexible approval process allows you to process each transaction completely paperless.


The Requisition application allows the user to request the purchase of an item or service. With complete integration to the accounts payable application and a sophisticated approval process, the approved requisition seamlessly becomes a purchase order to be processed along with an invoice. No manual data entry is required to transform the requisition to a purchase order.

Additional Included Features:

•  Automatic e-mail status notifications
•  Multi-level approval process
•  Customizable approval amounts