With the STW Software, there is no "per-user" or "per-client" fee.  STW's pricing structure allows for the creation of an unlimited number of users inside an unlimited number of groups.  Because of the web based nature of the software, there is no "client" to install.  All your users need is a web browser.


Extended Support Agreement

Sometimes processes can be forgotten, data can be mistyped, or new personnel need training, this is why we developed the Extended Support Agreement (ESA).  With the ESA, your staff can receive unlimited training from a live STW Training Specialist.  Another feature of the ESA is the ability to have a member of the STW staff walk you through any forgotten process or instruct you on how to fix an "oops".

Ready to Buy 

Interested in buying the STW Software?  Contact our sales team to schedule a demo and receive a quote.