Our partner ecosystem is a select group of software vendors working with STW to enable, enhance and extend our leading finance platform capabilities.

    STW’s “best of breed” model allows for each of our customers to utilize software that is not only tightly integrated, but also utilizes leading-edge technologies.  Each of our partners was chosen due to their commitment to providing the best available software in their industry.  Our options differ from single source providers.  This is done so we can concentrate on our core competencies. The open market approach gives you the best integrated, developed and supported options to achieve your current and future business needs. As the technology landscape changes you can adapt with it, and not be “stuck” with a costly outdated singular solution.

We define “best of breed” vendor partners by the following attributes:

  • - Extremely high product reliability.

  • - Extensive R&D efforts to maintain a market leadership position.

  • - Competent, reliable, and responsive technical support team.

  • - A unique offering that compliments and enhances STW and our partners, insulating our customers from version changes, conversions and associated cost.