Accounts Payable & Encumbrance Accounting

STW's Accounts Payable package allows for payments of all invoices.  Thorough integration with other STW packages allows for payments of such things as deposit refunds in Utility Billing or payroll taxes.  Budgets are checked "real-time" as the invoices are entered. True accrual fund accounting forms the basis for the accounts payable application.

Additional Included Features:

•  Document scanning, uploading, and archiving
•  Positive Pay
•  Purchase Order Processing
•  Integration into Purchase Orders, Requisitions, Utility Billing, Payroll, and Fixed Assets
•  Vendor payment through ACH, electronic transfer, checks, and bank specific methods such as Payment Manager© from Wells Fargo
•  Generation of IRS 1099's with all form types
•  Quick Checks (single check generation)
•  Print checks on blank check stock, eliminating the need for costly pre-printed checks
•  Invoice digital archiving (eliminate storage of paper invoices)

Accounts Receivable

The Accounts Receivable package allows your entity to bill for all services outside of utility billing. With its integration into the General Ledger system, payments are applied with a few clicks to the entity's bottom line.

Additional Included Features:

•  Document scanning, uploading, and archiving
•  E-mail Billing
•  Online Payment System
•  Late Notices through mail or e-mail

Budgetary Accounting

 STW's comprehensive Budget application allows for flexible budgeting.  Budgets can be created, approved, and revised on a departmental level, allowing for a more efficient budgeting process.  As budgets are revised, an unlimited number of revisions can be stored for reference.

Additional Included Features

•  Document scanning, uploading, and archiving
•  Full amendment processing that follows the same strict rules that apply to creating journal entries.
•  Customizable budget reporting using a built-in report writer
•  Budgets can be entered at a sub-account level and rolled-up

Fixed Assets

STW's Fixed Assets application allows for the physical and financial tracking of all your entity's necessary assets. Assets can be automatically placed into fixed assets immediately after purchase due to the direct integration with STW's Accounts Payable module. These assets can be depreciated with many different methods including "straight line" and "sum of the year's digit." Both capitalized and non-capitalized physical assets can be inventoried through the Fixed Assets application.

Additional Included Features:

•  Document scanning, uploading, and archiving
•  Calculate depreciation based on built-in IRS formulas and tables to meet GASB34 requirements.
•  Print scan-able bar code labels to expedite asset inventory.
•  Execute transfers and disposals, produce gain/loss, and track transfer activity for the life of the asset.
•  Interface with handheld asset inventory devices.

General Ledger

With the complete integration of all STW modules into the General Ledger, all your financial data is accurately and efficiently captured without the need of manual entry.  Interfaces are available to import journal entry data for many non-STW applications, further eliminating the need for any manual data entry.

Additional Included Features:

•  Document scanning, uploading, and archiving
•  Unlimited history is available online
•  Ability to perform additional period processing
•  Flexible fiscal year processing
•  Ability to implement Pooled (consolidated) cash or Due to/Due from accounting principles
•  Standard financial reports can be produced in PDF or spreadsheet format or directly printed