Enterprise Reporting

With STW's Enterprise Reporting capabilities, you are able to create reports quickly and distribute them electronically for fast and cost efficient reporting.

Additional Included Features:

•  Report archiving
•  E-mail service integration
•  User security integration

Microsoft Excel Reporting

With the integration into Microsoft Excel you can create live custom reports than can be shared through file sharing or e-mail.  Inside of the STW Software, reports can be generated and converted into a spreadsheet format that is compatible with Microsoft Excel and other spreadsheet software.

Additional Included Features:

•  Live custom Microsoft Excel reports
•  Integration into General Ledger and Budget
•  User access security

User Security

Giving users access to the features they need while controlling which modules they can access is an important part of any software package.  With the STW Software you have the ability to control user access down to the screen level of each application.  With the creation of security groups, the software administrator is able to assign multiple people similar access through a simple process.  Users can also be assigned to multiple groups to allow for cross-support between departments and giving the administrator an unlimited number of security scenarios.

Additional Included Features:

•  Pre-built, default security groups
•  Simple "inquiry" access setup
•  Integrated General Ledger (account) security
•  Ability to custom tailor group access
•  Integrated with all aspects of the STW Software
•  Encrypted login information