Tightly integrated into the STW General Ledger and Accounts Payable, STW's Payroll module provides a seamless method of paying your employees.  Included with Payroll is the ability to pay employees through direct deposit or physical checks.

Additional Included Features:

•  Document scanning, uploading, and archiving
•  Paper and electronic W2 processing
•  Fully compliant ACA processing
•  941 Quaterly Reporting
•  State Reporting
•  EEOC Reporting
•  Ability to apply global raises
•  Unlimited number of deductions, allowances and pay types
•  Positive Pay
• Child Support ACH
• Flexible tracking of leave time
• Flexible pay periods including FSLA for departments such as Law Enforcement and Fire
• On-line employee portal to allow employees to access W2's, check stubs, and perform information maintenance
• Interfaces to many 3rd party time clock software vendors

Payroll Timesheets

Payroll Timesheets provides a method of decentralizing the tedious process of collecting time for all your employees. By providing a method for each employee to enter their time including vacation and comp time, each employee is able to take ownership of their own time keeping process. With built-in approvals and validation, the payroll department has the ability to review and approve all time entered before it is imported into the actual payroll process.

Additional Included Features:

•  Live, web based, timesheet input
•  Multi-layer approval process
•  Archived timesheets
•  Easy input and submission

Payroll Budgeting 

 Perform powerful budgeting and analysis of your payroll.  Payroll budgeting allows you to budget your entity's salaries and benefits on a per-employee basis.

Additional Included Features

•  Document scanning, uploading, and archiving
•  Full Budget Preparation and General Ledger integration
•  Powerful reporting tools