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About Stw Inc.

Stw Knows Governmental Entities

  • 200+ years of collective experience providing Governmental Software Solutions
  • Stw products are tested by time
    • Our governmental experience dates back to 1978
    • The applications are designed specifically for small to medium sized governmental entities
    • Texas / Non-Public / Corporation
  • Products are designed specifically for Server Based Governmental Applications

Software Leasing (you do not purchase and then pay ongoing support for Stw software)

  • Annual contract covers:
    • Telephone support
    • Application software updates
    • Use of the application software
  • The only actual software purchased for Stw applications is the operating software for the server

New Browser Based Application Software: (Many software vendors enable their software to run in a browser. Stw application software runs only in a browser, it is Internet ready from the beginning.)

Web Browser User Interface

  • Consistent across applications
  • Faster to learn
  • Easier to use
  • Higher productivity
  • Customizable features
  • Streamlined navigation

User Friendly Features

  • Keyboard shortcuts and function keys as an alternative to using a mouse
  • Color-coded fields classify data status
  • Right-clicking to displays a pop-up window with all the functions that apply
  • Tab controls for quick navigation
  • Pop-up calendar for quick date selection
  • Built in calculator for quick calculation, with results returned directly to the field you need calculated

Server Delivery

  • No per seat installation or license fee
  • No defined limits on the number of users per application
  • Lower cost to purchase
  • Less cost to maintain

New Report Repository


  • Any report associated with an update or not easily reproduced-is placed in repository
  • Reports are indexed at night and available for search tomorrow
  • DT Search software tool provides easy and retrieval to reports online
  • Right click capability provides easy export to Excel
  • Can reduce printing of system reports by up to 70%

New "Simple Document Imaging and Storage"capabilities


  • Started as a way to simply attach a picture of an invoice to an AP transaction
  •  Now has been expanded throughout all STW applications
  • Allows for for scanned images, JPG's, documents, spreadsheets, PDF's, HTML's, etc. using Dynamic Web Twain software from Dynamsoft
  • Can be attached to accounts payable, budget, payroll, utility billing, etc
  • This is accomplished without the mapping of server drives
  • This has become a very powerful addition to our product offering

Easy to use end-user reporting tool


  • Cognos Impromptu tool is fully linked to the STW applications
  • All file and field names are provided in plain English definitions
  •  This provides an easy to use point and click reporting tool
  • Also provides graphical analysis and easy export to Excel

VisionTM Financial Reporting Tool Interface


  • VisionTM financial reporting is a complete package used to create flexible, customized financial reports
  • VisionTM's Extract Transform Load (ETL) process can bring data from multiple financial sources into the familiar environment of Microsoft Excel
  • STW's custom interface to VisionTM runs inside Excel with a "live" link to your financial transaction data
  • Once a report is created, it can be re-run at any time with the most current data from your transactional sytem
  • The VisionTM suite of business intelligence tools is used in conjunction with the STW Financial Applications to provide enhanced reporting, desktop integration and financial management capabilities

Utility Billing online customer access and internet payment module

  • A link from the City's website will provide entry into this module
  • Customer will enter account number and system assigned pin number
  • Customer will be provided access to payment, consumption, last bill and services provided
  • Customer will also be able to see a 2 year consumption bar graph
  • Internet payment module provides credit authorization, credit card processing thru gateway, assigns unique order ID and sends email notification
  • Payment is instantly updated and available in the STW Utility Billing application–no batch processing is required
  • Requires and additional server that sits outside the firewall for security purposes
  • No credit card information is ever stored on a city computer

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